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Odonata plural noun
An order of insects containing the dragonflies and damselflies


A nano drone that fits in you pocket, rips like a boss, and hums like a dragonfly.

At a mere build weight of 25g, the Odonata is light, silent, and efficient. Spinning 40mm props, the Odonata has the beloved characteristics of 5" and 3", all in the footprint of a Tiny Whoop. 

The Odonata captures the essence of whoops and boosts their performance, durability, and serviceability. With a nearly identical wheelbase, the Odonata has a not-so-identical amount of performance, versatility and fun.


Motor mounting: m1.4 6.6mm tri point

Electronic mounting: 25.5x25.5

Camera mounting: Foxeer Razer Pico or compact nano cameras

Prop size: 40mm (1.6")

Weight: 8.8g


-1x body plate— 1.5mm thick carbon fiber

-1x top plate— 1.5mm thick carbon fiber

-3x m2x15mm standoffs, aluminum, black

-6x m2x4mm screw, steel, black

-1x camera mount, TPU, black

Please note that this is not produced by Armattan Quads

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