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Tiny Blackbox

Tiny Blackbox

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Assembled by hand from Craftedkwads in the USA
The Tiny Blackbox is a open source, ultralight external blackbox logger for FPV drones, designed by Alexey Stankevich. With a footprint of 8x13mm, and a weight of .32 grams, the Tiny Blackbox is smaller and lighter than a micro SD card alone, making it the perfect device for micro and nano drones. 16mb of onboard storage, betaflight passthrough, and a tiny package— what's not to love?


Storage: 16mb onboard

Footprint: 8x13mm

Weight: .32g

Logging rate: up to 8 kHz

Current consumption: <30 mA


-1x Tiny Blackbox, hand assembled PCB

-1x Wire set, 28awg, 5cm, multicolor

-1x Instructions card, printed

Packed in anti static bag

The open-source project can be found here

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