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The Freshman is the result of two years of R&D, in a quest to make an open, accessible basher that was unique and didn't compromise. The Freshman is all that and more. Phenomenally performing, immensely durable, incredibly open, and good looking, the  Freshman can be thrown at any spot you take it to, and flown right out at the end of a session looking as good as ever. 

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Key Features

Durable— The Freshman was designed for one usecase in mind: Bashing

Open— Fits almost every modern system and component, incredibly spacious

Easy to repair— Arms are fully independent of stack screws, attached by two outer screws. Top plate is held on by 6 bolts, easily removed.

Fascinating form— Beautiful and strong, large but sleek

Optimal freestyle performance— True X stance for those nice characteristics, immense durability for those constant crashes, and fantastic vibrational performance for those locked in tunes

Incredibly stiff— arms widen at base and brace against each other with a total contacting area of 149mm^2



Prop size: up to 5.1"

Wheelbase: 240mm

Stance: True X

Weight: 136g (with essential TPU parts)

Central mounting: 30x30 (m3), 20x20 (m3)

Rear mounting: 30x30 (m3), 25.5x25.5 (m2), 20x20 (m2)

Motor mounting: 16x16 (m3), 19x19 (m3)

Camera mounting: Micro (single point or dual point m2)



-1x top plate, 2.5mm, carbon fiber, twill

-1x body plate, 2.5mm, carbon fiber, twill

-1x bottom plate, 2.5mm, carbon fiber, twill

-4x arm, 5mm, carbon fiber, twill

-6x m3x25mm standoff (5mm OD), aluminum, silver, knurled

-6x m3x12mm screw, stainless steel, silver, socket head

-2x m3x16mm screw, stainless steel, silver, socket head

-10x m3x8mm screw, stainless steel, silver, socket head

-1x bumper, TPU, cyan

-4x arm guard, TPU, cyan

-1x micro camera mount set, TPU, cyan

-1x XT60 mount, TPU, cyan


Available 3d prints to download:

Camera mount


Arm guards

xt60 mount 

Antenna mounts

Action camera mounts

Top plate mounting base w/ dimensions (DXF) 

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